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Our customers and members discern brilliance in design and elegance of style. Their values are exemplified in the stories that inspire the impact-driven ingenuity of our partner jewelry designers and brands

what we do


We curate designer jewelry boutiques by independent designers and brands that design exquisitely, create passionately, source responsibly and champion impact. And we tell their stories of inspiration and fine artistry that delight in a truly African heritage and that meaningfully define elegance

What inspires us

Women making a difference

our values

Authentic storytelling

Our designer jewelry boutiques have one-of-a-kind pieces, mostly handcrafted, by designers whose brilliance, craftsmanship and passion is evident in their masterpieces and in their impact-driven stories.

Ethics & Responsibility

Our parter designers and brands uphold the ethics and values of social responsibility and impact. They are innovating in their spaces while redefining ethical fashion, sustainable luxury, and eco-conscious design.

Commitment to service

Reliable delivery, hassle-free returns, exclusive membership perks, stylists and designers only a message away, your experiences with us and our partners is designed to be delightful.

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