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Girls Night In Ideas: Date Night Alternatives For The Newly Single And Happy

If you find yourself on the single end of the scale this year, we say you make your evenings fabulous regardless. Use the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City as your inspiration. Can you imagine Samantha Jones sitting at home alone throwing a pity party? Neither can we. These are our top picks for how the newly single and happy can spend their free evenings that would have been date nights with their one true loves: their girlfriends!

1. Go on a Fancy Girl Date with your Besties

We love a reason to dress up, don’t you? Just because you don’t have a romantic date this V-day doesn’t mean you have to stay home in your pajamas. Why not round up all of your single lady friends and enjoy a splashy dinner at a fancy restaurant? Most eateries are bound to have special 2-for-1 combo deals – score! Just be sure to phone ahead and make a reservation.

2. Throw a Girlie Sleepover

Then again, if you have a frilly new set of sleepwear you’re just dying to show off, make an occasion of it. Invite over your best girl mates Grease-style and host a sleepover to remind you all of your teenage years. Channel Sandy and the girls by giving each other pampering treatments: face masks, foot rubs, neck massages and of course, wine. Lots of wine.

3. Host a Singles Party

In the spirit of love, dust off those hosting skills and throw a party for all of your single friends. The evening works best if every single person invites one other single person that they know – it could be a co-worker, gym buddy or even a family member. That way everyone gets to meet new people in an intimate, safe and comfortable setting. If you’re hosting it at your home however, just be sure to keep track of the number of invited guests before it turns into a block party!

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