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We found a quarantine-proven productivity and self-care secret! Comfy but effortful WFH style

If you are in the lucky group, hopefully self reflection has also evolved into reflection about our responsibilities to our communities and the worlds we are part of. Whether we vote and who we vote for, where we invest and what we buy, and which values we hold and what public discourses we participate in, all this plays a role in how unequal our world becomes. And even if the pandemic disproportionately affects poor families, black families, migrant families and other families at the margins, nothing proves the point of our common vulnerability than an infectious disease, that though more fatal to marginalized groups, is equally disruptive to everyone.

In the midst of all that is happening, we hope that you are carving out time to take care of yourself, to recharge, to gain the clarity you need to continue to contribute and engage. We have previously explored how our personal style is about our values and about the messages we send to our audiences, but with many people increasingly working from home, style is increasingly about the messages we are sending to ourselves. Your WFH style is an opportunity for self care, for self affirmation, and we are here for it.

1. Doing WFH down, or up,  will do you some good.

The temptation to stay in your PJs will be high, but do not give in. Spending those minutes after you wake up to freshen up and to pick something comfy and stylish to wear will add structure and routine to your WFH day.

Consistency and routine have proven benefits for your productivity, and a budding new field in the psychology of fashion hypothesizes a correlation between fashion and mood and fashion and attitude. You probably do not need a psychology degree though to notice the relationship between looking good and feeling it!

2. Versatile tops that are also bottoms

Pick tops in comfortable fabrics that feel great to the skin and with versatile constructions that will look great for your Zoom meetings.

And if they don’t need any bottoms along with them — even better! We are into oversized button-down shirt dresses that are truly free but professional for Zoom’s head shots.

3. Elevated sweats

You would rather stay in sweats all day? Pick a matching set that prioritizes comfort without losing out on polish and style.

We have advocated for wearing yoga pants to the office —  no really! Your bottoms don’t really have to look like yoga pants, the ones we were advocating for did not. But they can be constructed along the same principles — fine weaving that feels great to the skin and comfortable fitting that stretches and allows ease of movement.

4. Bare makeup & a pair of studs

If working from home has you breaking out, take heart. Many of us have had to apparently rethink our skin care routines. You might need a blotch of concealer here and there, but otherwise, a light layer of lip balm and a stylish pair of studs will pull together your Zoom look, in true WFH effortlessness.

This might be an opportune time to try Alicia’s no-makeup movement!

5. A feel-good manicure, paired with a light ring set

Treat yourself to beautiful flashes of color and  sparkle as your hands hover over your keyboard — you deserve it!

6. Cozy slippers

Treat your feet to the comfy coziness of fleecy soft house slippers. Again, you do deserve it!

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